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Auditorium seating has to accommodate virtually any type of audience. This means the seats must be correctly sized, and provide comfort while enduring continued use. Of course, the cost of your auditorium seating plays a major role in your process.

American Design Associates can help you with your auditorium seating needs. Unlike other office furniture companies, we train our consultants to provide excellent customer service and insight to every client.

When we meet with you, the first step is to get a complete idea of the size and shape of the auditorium. We will also determine how the room will be used – from academic lectures to theater productions. These details allow us to provide each client with a well-planned, affordable proposal that meets every one of their expectations and demands.

The relationships we have with our suppliers and vendors allow American Design Associates to offer clients an incredible array of auditorium seating in different sizes, shapes, colors, and finishes. Whatever you need, we can supply.

The auditorium seating will arrive at your location as scheduled. Our installation team will assemble the seats and then place them according to the approved specifications.

American Design is happy to provide customer service to our clients, and we will work with you should your auditorium seating need attention.

Your auditorium seating should add to the experience and comfort of your guests. Our employees will provide you with excellent insight and ideas that result from years of experience. With American Design, every event in your auditorium will be a memorable, and award-winning experience.

Choose the right auditorium seating for your guests. Contact us today at 410-823-5500 or email us to schedule an appointment.

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