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Bar seating adds a degree of comfort and style to any establishment – whether it is a corporate lunchroom, cafeteria, or commercial bar. In addition, these stools and chairs have to look great while taking an enormous amount of use and abuse. The right bar seating can make all the difference.

American Design Associates works with clients to help them choose the right type of bar seating. In addition, we can take care of tables, stools, built-in booths, and even banquettes. We realize that the furniture has to be functional, and fit the atmosphere of your establishment at the same time. Our experience in this field has benefitted thousands of clients.

We take a consultative approach with our clients at American Design. This allows each of our associates to develop a relationship with a client that in turn provides us with the necessary details we need to make the perfect recommendations. When we meet with you to discuss bar seating, we will discuss traffic flow, clientele, décor, and how to best maximize the space. We also discuss appropriate height for the bar seating, a key part of the process.

This information will enable your American Design consultant to work with our trusted vendors in the bar seating industry. We will gather the information and present it to you in an easy to read proposal. Of course, we work to make sure the choices we present are within your budget.

After you have chosen your bar seating, we will place the order and arrange for delivery to your establishment. Our assembly team will also be scheduled to arrive on an agreed upon day and time to put together your new bar seating. We can accommodate any schedule, so the work does not interfere with your operation.

Give your patrons a comfortable place to sit with the latest in bar seating from American Design. Contact us today at 410-823-5500 or email.

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