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With office furniture, one size may not fit all. That is why American Design Associates offers clients the choice of custom office furniture. Our team of experienced consultants will work with you to choose everything from size, to shape, to color, and more.

The process for creating custom office furniture starts with an initial meeting to determine who will be using the furniture, and for what purpose. The office space itself plays a role in determining the look and feel of your custom office furniture, from reception desks to conference tables to casework and more!

After we have gathered the information, our in house designer will create detailed specs for your review. Throughout the process, these specs will be updated to reflect your feedback. The result is custom office furniture that looks great and allows you and your team to reach their maximum capabilities.

Manufacturers and artisans that we have partnered with for years produce the furniture according to the approved specs. The end result is high-quality furniture that is durable and dependable. We also keep your plans on record should the furniture require repair or replacement.

Once the furniture arrives, American Design Associates’ install team assembles it so you do not have to dedicate the time. As your business grows, we can create additional pieces for your office – including custom casework, tables, and workspaces.

If your custom office furniture eventually needs to be updated, American Design Associates is a phone call away. We can remove old office furniture and order new parts based on the original specs for your custom office furniture.

Do not settle for a one size fits all solution for your office space. Work with a group of professional consultants who can create custom office furniture that reflects quality craftsmanship.

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