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Every day, your employees and company officers sit down in their desk chairs. Then they get up and then they sit back down again – throughout the day. Desk chairs are a major component of your office furniture, and making sure your employees are comfortable not only helps their morale, it improves productivity.

American Design Associates has expert knowledge of desk chairs and how they fit into the overall office environment. We have worked with thousands of clients on their desk chair purchase, and made sure that the brand and type they purchased were the right ones. We realize that it is not only color, shape, and fabric, desk chairs also have to provide support for the neck, back, and rest of the body. Employees with special needs add another challenge to this purchase. Whatever the case, we can help you handle it.

When you team up with American Design you will notice that we take a consultative approach to helping you. This allows us to communicate in a more personal manner, and discover the details that enable us to construct a proposal that presents you with excellent choices. We go beyond the obvious choices of color and cost, we determine workflow, space limitations, and the employees who will be using these desk chairs.

After you receive the proposal, we will be available for questions and to make any adjustments. When you have decided on the desk chairs, the order will be placed with one of our trusted vendors. American Design arranges for delivery of these chairs, along with any other details.

The chairs will arrive at your location and, if you choose, our assembly team can put them together. These professionals have all of the necessary tools and experience to complete the job correctly and quickly.

Whether you need one desk chair for the boss, or enough for an entire department, we can help. Contact American Design today at 410-823-5500 or email.

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We are consultants, not salespeople, and I personally guarantee you will see the difference! ~ Jim Jones - Owner

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