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Dormitory furniture is probably subjected to more wear and tear than any other type of furniture. Yet, it still has to stand up to repeated use and look good. Durability also factors into the operating budget, because replacing broken or used dormitory furniture quickly adds up. Finally, the furniture in any dorm needs to look good, not only to students, but to their visitors.

American Design Associates has worked with universities and colleges across the country to help them choose and purchase the right kind of dormitory furniture. Our consultative approach makes the process easy and simple. We meet with our clients and establish lines of communication. The goal is to find out everything we can about the needs of the end user, along with the challenges you face.

We have been in business for years, and our relationships with vendors in the furniture industry are reliable and dependable. After we have learned about your needs, we can create a proposal that contains everything you needed to know about dormitory furniture. Our contacts also allow us to offer a wide range of furniture, in every color, shape, size, and style. Whether you need desks, chairs, sofas, beds, or closets, we can handle your request.

After deciding on the dormitory furniture you want, the order is placed with our vendors. Of course, we realize that budgets are always important, and we do our very best to accommodate whatever operating dollars you have at your disposal. Delivery details are taken care of by your America Design contact.

If you prefer, we can also schedule an assembly team to arrive at your institution and put the dormitory furniture together. We realize that higher learning institutions have crowded schedules; so scheduling installation during breaks in the semester, weekends, or evenings is an available option.

Dormitory furniture has to be tough but good looking, and dependable. Choose the right furniture for your college or university with the help and guidance of an expert from American Design Associates. We will make sure you get excellent grades from your students.

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