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Paper records and files continue to play a vital role in today’s business world, despite the advance of electronic filing. A file management system can help you and your employees locate information quickly, and have it available when it is needed. Regardless of what information your files may contain, finding the right file management system is crucial to your company’s success.

American Design Associates has worked with hundreds of clients that represent every possible industry imaginable. This includes doctor’s offices, attorneys, and certified public accountants. All of these clients had the same goal: find an file management system that kept track of information, reduced files being misplaced or lost, and was easy to learn.

Our success with determining the right file management system is a direct result of our approach at American Design. We meet with our clients and learn their business and discover their obstacles and goals. This information gathering process allows our associates to take on a consultative role that enables us to suggest the file management system that best suits our clients.

File management systems range from simple color coding to applying barcodes on each file and then scanning them into a database. This method allows for quick retrieval of the files, prevents files from being lost, and keeps track of the file’s location. American Design Associates can present a variety of different filing systems to you, and then help you select the method that will be most beneficial to your office.

In some cases, offices realize that after they have installed a reliable, useful filing system, the next natural step is to have the files scanned. A paperless office provides a variety of benefits, including less impact on the environment and quicker access to data. The files are separately scanned and turned into images that can be retrieved electronically. Not only does this process maximize the physical space of your office, it increases efficiency and allows multiple users to access the files at the same time.

The right file management system can reduce lost time, increase productivity, and allow a business to gain back space that was dedicated to multiple filing cases and other file storage equipment. Our consultants will present you with multiple options, help you choose the right method, and then assist you with the implementation of the filing system.

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