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Even in this electronic world, paper is still around, and probably will be for years to come. Storing paper files in filing cabinets plays a large part in many businesses, and purchasing the right furniture for this job is a big decision. Not only does size and shape matter, but also making sure your new filing cabinets can handle the workload plays a huge role. American Design Associates has years of experience helping clients identify and purchase the right filing cabinets.

We start this process by meeting with you to discuss the details of your project. The consultative approach we take at American Design encourages communication and feedback. It helps us identify needs that might be overlooked by other companies. As a result you choose the right filing cabinets in the size, shape, and color you want. Besides helping you choose your filing cabinets, our consultants will assist in determining where these cabinets should be placed so they are out of the way, but easily accessed.

American Design has been around for years, and our relationships with national vendors allow us to provide a client with multiple choices. After narrowing down the right filing cabinets for your office, we will present you with a proposal that clearly outlines the filing cabinets, their price point, size, and other valuable data. The choice is yours, and once you have decided we will place the order for you.

We can help with filing cabinets of all types, including:

  • Lateral files
  • Vertical files
  • Mobile and fixed pedestals
  • Media storage cabinets
  • And more!

No matter how big – or small – your filing cabinets are, our assembly team will place them according to the approved layout. This placement is key because it helps maximize the space that is being used, without disrupting traffic flow or workflow.

Filing cabinets play a crucial role in any company, and are a necessary tool for a business. Make sure you purchase the right ones, contact American Design today at 410-823-5500 or email.

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