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Even in the age of the Internet, paper documents are necessary for any business. Whether they are legal documents, contracts, or financial records, storing them in a fireproof file structure ensures their safety. Finding the right kind of fireproof file that provides protection and peace of mind, without breaking the bank, can be a tough challenge for any business.

In addition to keeping files safe from prolonged exposure to the heat from a fire, many fireproof files are also impact tested. This test ensures that the fireproof file cabinet will not rupture if it falls through a fire-damaged floor. Impact test ratings are an important factor to consider when you are looking for a fireproof file.

American Design Associates can help you select the fireproof file for your office. We have years of experience with this type of equipment, and the associate who works with you will collect a variety of information about your business and needs before suggesting the best solution. This consultative approach separates American Design from the competition – we want to be your partner, not another vendor.

Depending upon the documents you need to store, and the size and location of your office building, we can make several different suggestions. Our vendor relationships allow American Design to present clients with multiple solutions that fit their needs and their budgets.

Our extensive selection of fireproof file cabinets include letter and legal size, as well as files that lock with keys or via combination or electronic locks. Lateral fireproof file cabinets are also available to accommodate wider files. In addition, the cabinets come in different sizes to fit your office space.

Fireproof files protect your precious documents from being destroyed in a fire, and American Design Associates can provide you with enough choices – including the right size and color. Remember, the time to purchase a fireproof file is before you need it!

Call American Design Associations at 410-823-5500 or email us to find out more about purchasing fireproof files and our other services.

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