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If your business is situated in the world of finance, there is a certain image you need to portray to clients and your employees. Whether you are a community bank or worldwide brokerage house, your furniture and décor means as much to your reputation as your success in making money.

Choosing the right furniture and office accessories can be challenging, but when you team up with the professionals at American Design Associates, your office will look like a million dollars.

The approach we take at American Design is consultative; we do not see ourselves as salespeople. Instead, our goal is to work with clients to understand their needs. We accomplish this through meetings, careful reviews of their current office space, and relying on our experience and knowledge. As a result, the furniture we recommend for your financial institution reflects your values and professionalism.

Our first step in the process is to get a complete understanding of where the furniture will go and how it will be used. Factors such as workflow and the physical layout of your office space are also taken into consideration. Finally, we will want to know who will be using this furniture – a desk for an employee will be much different than a meeting table used for clients.

We realize that while a financial institution may require furniture that is finely crafted and upscale, budget constraints also play a factor. Our relationships with vendors across the country allow American Design to offer an array of furniture to financial institutions that look great but will not impact the bottom line.

Our services also include arranging delivery to your business, and assembling and placing the furniture. Of course, we can accommodate anyone’s schedule, and if you prefer the furniture delivery and assembly can be conducted after hours or on the weekends.

As a financial institution, the image of the public and your clients plays a key role in your success. The right furniture, for clients, employees, and company officers, adds to that image. Trust American Design to create the right image for your business.

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We are consultants, not salespeople, and I personally guarantee you will see the difference! ~ Jim Jones - Owner

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