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Even in the age of the Internet, companies and businesses still have to deal with paper files. Storing files so they do not take up precious space, but are still accessible to employees, is a serious challenge. In addition, having multiple filing cabinets spread over an office takes up valuable space, and can cause files to go missing or wind up in the wrong place.

Mobile filing is an excellent solution for companies who need to locate multiple paper files and high-density records in one central location. Mobile filing systems are mounted on floor tracks, and are designed to maximize space while storing large numbers of files.

American Design Associates is familiar with the mobile filing industry, and we work with several of the top suppliers to provide our clients with solutions that work – without going over budget. The main challenge with mobile filing is to find a room or floor that can accommodate the system.

The associates at American Design will work with you on your mobile filing project and lend their years of experience and knowledge. Our consultative approach allows us to get a clear idea of what your needs are, and how best to solve them while staying on task and within your budget.

After choosing the right mobile filing system, American Design will schedule delivery and installation. The employees we use for assembly have been working with us for years.

After the system is in place, we will teach you and your employees how to maximize the benefits of your mobile filing system. Of course, if you have questions after we are finished, we are a phone call away.

American Design Associates has years of experience and professional knowledge. We have helped hundreds of clients with their mobile filing projects, and they were able to maximize their space and have room for their paper files.

If you have questions about mobile filing systems – or any other type of office furniture – contact the professionals at American Design Associates at 410-823-5500 or email us.

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