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Overhead is part of owning and operating any business, and finding ways to reduce this cost allows a business the opportunity to grow. When you maximize the space of your office, the reduction in overhead can be invested in other vitals areas of your business. Office cubicles are the perfect answer for maximizing space while accommodating your employees.

The office cubicle has come a long way since its inception. Today, office cubicles are constructed of sturdy materials that come in a variety of sizes, shapes, color, and material. Choosing the right office cubicle system can be challenging, but when you are working with American Design, the process is easy.

We take a consultative approach with each client, this allows for better communication and collaboration. Surveying your office space, and determining who will use the office cubicles gives us an excellent idea of what you need. We also discuss workflow and employee needs, along with any challenges your office environment may present.

The proposal you will receive for your office cubicle order will show where the cubicles are to be placed. In addition, you will find all of the necessary information, including sizing, cost, and the delivery date. Your American Design consultant reviews everything with you to make sure you understand the entire project.

Delivery of the office cubicle can be scheduled so that the assembly does not interfere with normal work hours. We can also work on the weekends. Our installers can construct the office cubicles, if you choose. Your employees will have their own workspace, while you take maximum advantage of the office space you own or rent.

Office cubicles are an excellent way to help boost employee productivity and use your office space wisely. Contact American Design today at 410-823-5500 or email us.

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