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Employees who have their own place to call “home” when they are in the workplace perform better and are more productive. That is because today’s office workstations are constructed to provide a certain degree of privacy, but also encourage collaboration. As the design and look of office workstations has progressed, businesses are realizing how vital they are to success.

American Design Associates has helped thousands of companies select and purchase office workstations. These clients have represented virtually every industry, and our vendor contacts have been able to supply workstations of every size, shape, color, material, and finish. Modular in format, office workstations allow a business to maximize office space.

When you work with American Design, you receive excellent customer service and support from one of our consultants. He or she will meet with you to determine the needs of your business, and which office workstations will benefit your employees the most. Factors such as workflow and company size are also taken into account in the process.

After you have chosen the office workstations, we will order them for you and arrange for delivery. Assembly of this furniture is taken care of by our team of professionals who arrive on time and begin construction of your new office workstations. The proposal you receive from American Design will also contain a floor plan that outlines where the workstations will be installed. The assembly team will follow the floor plan to create your new office.

The office workstations we offer at American Design are constructed of quality materials and are designed to stand up to the every day wear and tear your employees dish out.

The office workstation is as crucial to your business as your computer network. Hire a firm that understands how business gets done, and what it takes to make sure employees get the job done right. Contact American Design today at 410-823-5500 or email us.

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