File and Label Conversions

Organizing files so they are accessible and provide the employee with the right information is a complicated undertaking. If your filing system needs an overhaul because it is out of date, or your company is facing compliance issues, American Design can help. We are experts at file and label conversions, with years of experience and implementation.

Your existing files and labels are probably part of a system that has been in use for years. Employees may have altered the files and labels, or they could be damaged and worn due to use. A file and label conversion can save your company money, and improve accuracy and workflow. For instance, we can convert the file system from the top tab to the side tab – whatever works best for your office is what we deliver.

There are several alternatives when it comes to a file and label conversion, and American Design can recommend the one that is best suited to your work environment. Our specialists will meet with you and your team to determine how the filing system is used, and how it can be improved. We realize that the information in the system must be accessible, and that time is always a factor.

American Design has converted thousands of company’s files and labels using different methods. Color-coding is one such system, and it can be achieved in a short period of time. Another method is to barcode all of the files so they can be scanned, and then tracked, by everyone in the company. This reduces lost time searching for files, and employees are more likely to return files to their correct place.

In addition, we can offer a service that scans each file and its contents and labels. Your office immediately gains more space with the removal of the old paper files, and everyone can access the information via an interactive software program that is continually backed up on remote servers. New files can be easily scanned into the system for future access. 

American Design can recommend several methods for converting files and labels. Once you have made your decision, our team then takes care of the conversion. We accommodate your company’s workflow, and can schedule the process to take place after hours or on weekends.

File and label conversion does not have to be a stress-filled process. American Designs can facilitate the changeover, and make sure the information stays where it should throughout the process. The experience and knowledge we have gained over the decades directly benefits you and your team.

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