Furniture Installation and Service

Your office furniture sustains a great deal of use and abuse in the course of a business day. Chairs get broken, tables begin to look old and used, desks begin to break down and sag. Updating your office furniture is an excellent way to boost employee moral, improve your look to clients, and put a new face on your business. It is an investment that yields almost immediate payback.

American Design Associates can take care of furniture installation and service for any business. We have years of experience and knowledge, and our employees are trained to function as consultants to our clients. We provide the installation service and support that you cannot get from an office equipment catalog or website.

When we meet with you to discuss furniture purchases and installation, the conversation we have will include questions about your workforce, and how work flows from one department to another. Employee needs and client concerns factor into the entire discussion. Our goal is to construct a clear picture of your office space, and how it works.

The design team at American Design can create a professional rendering that displays the new office furniture, and illustrates how it will work in your current space. This part of the process helps everyone involved visualize how the office furniture will look and what to expect during the installation process.

When the new furniture arrives, our assembly team of professionals will start by taking apart the old furniture and placing it on our trucks. The new furniture will be carefully unpacked and then correctly assembled and adjusted for your employees. We realize that business comes first, and the installation and assembly can take place at night or on weekends.

Besides installation, we provide service for office furniture – from fixing broken office chairs and repairing damaged desks to overhauling workspaces and reinforcing cubicles. Whatever service you require, American Design takes care of it in a fast, efficient manner.

Furniture installation and service can make your office look new again. To get started, contact American Design today at 410-823-5500 or email us.

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