Interior Office Design

The design of an office and workspaces directly affects employees and their ability to produce quality work. If you are moving into a new office space, expanding your current office, or you want to breathe new life into your workspace, American Design Associates is the answer.

We understand how important interior office design can be to employers and employees. A vibrant, welcoming office inspires workers and improves performance. When workers look forward to coming in to their office, employers can expect increased quality and excellent results.

Our employees are consultants who aid you in the process of maximizing your space. Interior office design requires experience and knowledge for the best results. Your consultant will work closely with you to help create the office atmosphere you desire.

Our process includes meetings to discuss your requirements and goals. We also take care to review your budget and then work on providing an initial layout. Once you have approved the layout, American Design Associates will work with our vendors to turn the plans into reality.

Interior office design includes everything from the carpet to the walls to the type of furniture and cabinetry. American Design has connections with various service providers who can easily handle chores such as floor installation, painting, wall covering, electrical work, complete renovation, and construction. We can act as your personal project manager, and coordinate all of these contractors so you can focus on your job.

Our experience with all of these elements results in an overall look and feel that is professional and hospitable at the same time. Your employees will not be the only ones who are impressed – visiting clients will instantly realize your commitment to professionalism.

The interior office design process is not finished after the plans are approved. Our services also include assembly of furniture, workspaces, cabinetry, and similar tasks. After the office design phase is complete, your consultant is only a phone call away if you require additional help or support.

The interior of your office plays a crucial role in your success, do not leave it up to just anyone, hire professionals with experience and knowledge. Call us today at 410-823-5500 or email us to schedule an appointment.

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