Interior Office Renovations and Construction

Change and growth are positive forces, but they can also create additional work and stress to your already crowded plate. If your company has been experiencing growth, and you need new offices built, or renovated, consider American Design Associates for your project. Not only are we experienced and dedicated, we function as your project manager for office renovations and construction, so you will not have to worry about a thing.

Interior office renovations do not have to disrupt the entire workspace and the flow of your office. When professionals plan them correctly, renovations progress smoothly and in stages, so everyone effected experiences minimal disruption and stress while getting their jobs done. We are experts in the planning and execution stage at American Design, thanks to years of experience and the knowledge of our staff.

The meetings we conduct on site will gather crucial information for the project, whether you need new offices built or workstations installed, it all begins with a detailed, well thought out plan. In the rendering stage, our designers can create plans for your review. Changes and adjustments are made on the renderings to reflect your feedback.

With a finalized plan, the interior office renovation and construction enters a new stage. American Design’s relationships with vendors and construction service companies result in projects being completed on time and on budget, while turning out exactly how you envisioned. American Design will act as a project manager and interface directly with everyone involved in the project, and communicate information quickly and concisely. Your questions are answered, and explained in easy to understand terms.

Throughout the project we will provide your office and its employees with support and assistance. Our professional movers and installers handle moving furniture and other equipment. We can supply replacement furniture or equipment as needed.

Interior office renovation and construction does not have to cause a great deal of commotion and work stoppage. When it is planned out correctly, and completed by professionals, the results are amazing and satisfying.

Hire a firm that will keep your company in business, even when it is under construction. Contact American Design today at 410-823-5500 or email us.

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