Office Relocations

Considering an office relocation but do not want to deal with the stress, anxiety, and increased workload? American Design Associates has helped thousands of companies with their office relocation projects.

Our experienced consultants and their support staff handle every detail, relieving your stress and making sure that all of your furniture and equipment are delivered, assembled, and installed in a professional, efficient manner.

The process starts with a meeting to determine the parameters of the entire office relocation. We take great care to discover as much information as possible – this includes the current inventory of your office and any changes you want to make when the new location is initially set up.

Your American Design contact takes on a consultant role that is designed to relieve your stress and cover every last detail. We present you with a detailed plan of the office relocation, complete with a layout of the new office that denotes the position of every last table, chair, desk, and plant.

The office relocation process we use enables your company to continue to work while the new space is being taken care of by our team. The move is planned in phases, so departments can continue to work with as little interruption as possible to their jobs.

Our professional installation team will disassemble and then reassemble your office furniture and other equipment. They help make your office relocation go smoothly and quickly. You will not have to worry about anything, and your employees will experience minimal work disruption.

Whether you are moving across town or out of state, we can handle your office relocation. Our staff has been trained to provide support and sterling customer service, so you will not have to worry about anything. The experience and knowledge we possess makes office relocation a stress free, worry free experience.

So stop worrying, and get back to work! Contact American Design today at 410-823-5500 or email us, we will get started on your office relocation today.

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