Office Space Planning

A new office space brings with it a great deal of hope and even anxiety – where do you start? Get the right answer to that question by working with American Design Associates. We specialize in office space planning, and our process is designed so that every detail is covered and the result is an office space that is perfectly suited for your business.

Prior to your lease signing, we will make a site visit with you to get a clear picture of the space, and help our designers layout and design your new space. Our employees take a consultative approach to each client, and work closely to encourage communication and idea exchange.

After you have chosen the space, we will start the office planning process. Our main goal is to ensure that the space is fully functional. This includes everything from where the filing cabinets should be placed to the positioning of the receptionist’s desk. Other factors such as workflow, employee needs, and client interaction are also taken into account.

The result is an office plan that encourages communication, increases productivity, and creates an environment that is positive and accurately reflects your company’s personality. Our office space planning process has been used in virtually every type of industry across the country.

Once the office space planning stage has been completed, we can help you and your company purchase furniture and accessories. American Design has strong relationships to multiple vendors, and we can ensure that the design, look, and feel of your office furniture are consistent with your initial vision. Your consultant will be available to help with any questions, and we can even schedule delivery.

After delivery, our assembly team of seasoned professionals will arrive to put together all of your furniture and then place it according to the approved layout.

Office space planning with American Design results in a well organized, highly functioning office equipped with all of the furniture and accessories you business needs to be successful.

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