Sound Masking Consultation and Specification

It is a well-known fact that sound travels, but in the workplace that fact can be a hindrance. In some cases, conversations that are overheard could severely impact a client’s privacy. Sound masking requires an understanding of acoustics, architecture, and the office environment. American Design Associates has a deep understanding of these factors, and the experience to back it up.

We have worked with hundreds of different businesses to help solve their sound problems. Our professionals have installed sound masking systems in jury rooms to prevent others from hearing deliberations. Medical offices have also used our sound masking services to prevent anyone from overhearing a conversation between caregiver and patient.

Sound masking can also be used for businesses where multiple employees are working in one room, such as a teleconferencing center. Placed strategically around the room, sound masking systems help reduce noise and ensure your clients hear every word. Auditoriums and health clubs have hired American Design’s sound masking experts to improve their environments.

When we work with you on your project, we begin with an intense review of the area. Everything is taken into account, from the coverings on the floor to the tiles in the ceiling. Building materials such as concrete and steel are also reviewed to determine how they are affecting the sound waves.

The sound masking we recommend could take the form of architectural sound baffles that are installed on the interior walls. Special acoustic tiles in the ceiling are another solution. Electronic sound masking can installed new or wired into your existing intercom system to help break up sound electronically.

American Design can handle all of the sound masking work we recommend, along with the materials and equipment. Strong vendor ties ensure prompt delivery and competitive pricing, and the crews we hire for installation are professional companies that we have worked with for years.

Make sure your employees and clients hear only what you need them to, contact American Design today at 410-823-5500 or email us.

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