Space Planning

Planning out your office does more than help workflow; it increases productivity and reduces wasted time. Space planning can boost employee output and help create a positive, energetic atmosphere. American Design Associates offers space planning that is comprehensive and the result of years of experience.

When we discuss space planning with you, the initial step involves a tour of your interior space. This allows our employees to determine workflow and help you envision how the space should look in regard to workstations, cubicles, offices, and other vital areas.

Throughout the course of this meeting, we will ask questions that are designed to help you consider the traffic flow in the office. This exercise is designed to discover information that is crucial to a successful interior office plan.

The ultimate result of this office-planning meeting will be detailed specs that are rendered using planning software. Our in house design team has created thousands of space planning schematics, and they work closely with your consultant to create a plan that matches your needs.

Office space planning is not just for businesses that are buying or renting a new space. Existing offices can easily be reorganized and benefit from our expert office planning services. Moving furniture, workstations, cubicles, and other objects is no problem for American Design Associates. Our professional installation team has years of moving experience to make sure all goes well.

After the office plans are approved, we will tailor a specific package of the right office furniture, cubicles, tables, chairs, and other items necessary to complete your office. Our relationships with vendors allow us to accommodate any sized budget – along with your choice of colors, textures, fabrics, and more.

Assembling your new office furniture and other items is handled by American Design Associates. Our experienced, professional employees will assemble your furniture and then place it according to the approved layout. Of course, your consultant will be available during the process.

When space planning is executed by professionals, every part of your business benefits – including the bottom line. Call us today at 410-823-5500 or email us to schedule an appointment.

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