Restore or Sell Us Your Furniture

If we can Restore or Repurpose your existing office furniture there is nothing “Greener”. We can also Remanufacture and/or Refinish your existing office furniture. Or even consider selling us your current office furnishings.

American Design offers an extensive selection of "pre-owned" furniture, ranging from desks, chairs, files, and bookcases to systems furniture, office accessories and even art work! Used furniture is often ideal for start-up businesses and smaller offices, providing the buyer with quality product for a fraction of the cost of new. You can stretch your budget a very long way with used furniture.

When shopping for used furniture, please come with an open mind. While you may not find the particular chair you're after in the exact color you want (buying new is the best way to assure that), you'll find great bargains among the used items we sell. We are careful in what we purchase – you can be sure of quality and value. Our selection changes frequently of course.

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