Sound Management and Masking Services

Eliminate the disruption and distraction of NOISE and create a positive and effective environment with Sound Masking Systems and Specially Designed Ceiling Panels provided by American Design Associates. Noise negatively disrupts any environment whether it is a Corporate Office, Healthcare Facility, Law Office, Courthouse, Financial Institution, Military Facility or School Environment. Many of which focus on the importance of privacy where confidential information can be overhead.

The ABC’s of Sound Control:


Sound is absorbed through specially designed ceiling panels with a high coefficient of absorption. The sound is absorbed and blocked working best to create privacy and eliminate distractions in open areas.


Ceiling panels are specifically designed to block sound transmission and are best used in closed rooms where sound is blocked from going to adjacent open areas.


Sound masking systems mask distracting sounds by creating a sound similar to that of blowing air. The sound is neutral and constant and is used to further cover sound and enhance the performance of ceiling panels. The neutral background sound has been proven in healthcare environments to help patients sleep better.

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